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Exploring Hominid occupations at Namib IV presentation to take place at Scientific Society

Exploring Hominid occupations at Namib IV presentation to take place at Scientific Society

The Namibia Scientific Society on 14 July at 19:00 will be hosting a presentation on Hominid Occupations of the Northern Sand Sea.

The earlier stone age pan site of Namib IV was first investigated by Myra Shackley in 1978 and since then, no further archaeological research has taken place, but in 2021 a new archaeological project began to investigate the site.

Dr. George Leader an archaeologist at the College of New Jersey at the presentation will speak about the stone tool assemblages, deposits, and fauna which demonstrates the presence of hominins at the site over the past 500,000 years, and the ongoing research and plans for the site will be discussed.

“A limited number of participants will be welcome, but please do let us know if you will attend in person, otherwise join us online via zoom at,” added the Scientific Society.

Leader has done his research on hominid behaviour and cognitive abilities as found in the stone tool record of Southern Africa.

He has excavated sites in central South Africa and Namibia which yielded thousands of stone tools that display high levels of complexity in their manufacturing process.

He looks at technological changes through this long sequence of time that gives insight as to how social traditions and cognitive abilities of the hominids transformed during this period.

The leader holds a BA from Gettysburg College and an MSc and Ph.D. from the University of the Witwatersrand.


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