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Institute of Mining and Technology partners with Rob Youth Foundation to refurbish Katutura Hospital

Institute of Mining and Technology partners with Rob Youth Foundation to refurbish Katutura Hospital

To maximise refurbishment of the Katutura State Hospital, the Rob Youth Foundation has unearthed another partner in the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT), who has reiterated how important it is to have desirable health services.

Executive Director of NIMT, Mr Ralph Bussel joined RYF founder Robert Maseka this week to assess how the institute can play a role in making the refurbishment of the hospital a resounding success.

Bussel indicated that it was only aligned to the institution’s beliefs and culture that it should play a part considering NIMT focuses on the youth.

“Despite the available finances there, it would be important to do more or better than what we could have expected with the money. We came on board to go beyond what you have in mind and to ensure that we do a perfect job and not just put paint against the wall. We need to do proper preparations and assist your organization in where it may need,” he said.

He explained that the mission not only rested solely upon NIMT but that it was a societal obligation to keep standards of basic civic institutions – such as hospitals – acceptable.

“I decided to call Rob immediately after I saw the news, we then agreed to set up the date to come and see what needs to be done and see if we can help,” he added.

Various organisation representatives such as Hilti, NEO Paints, and other volunteers were present during the site inspection.

RYF founder Robert Maseka stressed that despite raising funds and donations, there was plenty of work needed, which required consulting experts to ensure the delivery of a formidable refurbishment.

“We would like to have NIMT as the main project constructor, with other players giving a supporting role. Our key aim is to deliver an excellent project that will be proof that the youth can and have to play a critical role in the development and sustainability of the country and its resources. Remember, a healthy nation can be dynamic and progressive. So today we look at the basic tents of health infrastructure and the role it plays to the demographic dividend,” he added.

Maseka said that the youth are not all waiting to be given jobs but are also capable of being drivers of progress through awareness and resource mobilisation.

“We just need people to believe in them (the youth), give them their chance to lead and steer the Namibian house toward prosperity,” he concluded.

Executive Director of NIMT Ralph Bussel (blue shirt) and the founder of Rob Youth Foundation, Robert Maseka (black waistcoat) are each flanked by volunteers and key stakeholders during a visit to Katutura Hospital.


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