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MTC commences with voluntary sim-card registration campaign

MTC commences with voluntary sim-card registration campaign

Telecoms company MTC has commenced with its voluntary sim-card registration campaign which will run until 01 January 2023.

The exercise will apply to those who have yet to register their sim cards at any one point, meaning those who have registered in the past will not have to repeat the exercise.

“A registered card comes with security benefits – it helps prevent identity theft; forms the basis for systems that combat phone-based fraud, and it aids in combating cybercrime. Moreover, this is particularly essential given the high rate of this form of crime committed. It also generally comes with the convenience value of accessing electronic services,” MTC Chief Human Capital, Corporate and

Marketing Officer, Tim Ekandjo said highlighted the benefits, adding that especially now that more companies are upgrading their service offerings to digital platforms.

The launch of the national SIM card registration awareness by the regulator (CRAN) on 6 June 2022; resulted in MTC taking a pro-active voluntary SIM registration campaign for its over 2 million customers as supplementary to the regulator’s efforts.

Raised Ekandjo “at this stage it’s a pro-active exercise we initiated to offer sufficient time and convenience for our subscribers to register early before the mandatory registration kicks off in January 2023 as envisioned by the regulator Communication Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN).

Ekandjo shared that customers can register at any MTC Mobile Home countrywide.

“Additionally, we are or will be having points of registration in all 14 regions, just so that we offer our customers enough time to register way ahead before it is legally enforced. Registration will also take place at the various shows, where the MTC team will be present. Customers are encouraged to visit these shows in order to register,” he added.

Registration is free and done in contact/person – meaning that a person must be present at a

registration point and must bring along the following documents required:

1. Identity documents i.e. ID card/Passport/New Driver’s license/valid voter’s card.

2. A police declaration – declaring that you are the rightful owner of the number that you

are registering under your name.

3. Proof of residence. This can be the municipal statement or a letter from your nearest church, school, constituency councilor or police declaration of where you reside.

4. Lastly also bring along your device.

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