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Grootfontein cattle prices impress

Agra’s auction facility in Grootfontein was a beautiful picture on 15 January when Agra livestock hosted their first large stock auction for the year in this town and the pens were filled with cattle. A total of 1286 cattle were sold at an average price of N$4430. Agra’s livestock division later said they are positive about the year ahead. Oxen achieved an average of N$22,21/kg with the highest price of N$27,39/kg. Fat cows achieved an average of N$20,91 with the highest price of N$25,78/kg. Stoors sold for N$17,85/kg average and for up to N$20.40/kg and bulls sold for up to N$24,04/kg.
“After selling large numbers of cattle last year, we did not expect to get this amount of animals on offer at the auction”, said Titus Koen, GM Livestock. Considering the drought, the condition and quality of animals were also better than expected.

At Agra’s livestock auction in Otjiwarongo on 23 January, 627 cattle were sold for an average of N$4361. Heifers achieved the highest price of N$21,14/kg at this auction, oxen sold for up to N$20,02, stoors for up to N$18,84 and tollies for up to N$19,66.
Although it is difficult to determine a trend in the prices, it is clear that slaughter animals fetch good prices. It is equally difficult to predict what the rest of the year will bring, with rain that has up to now been sporadic and complications in the market. Agra livestock is however positive about the year ahead. Looking at the year ahead, Koen said: “We have the infrastructure in place with facilities, agents and supportive livestock staff countrywide. We know that the Namibian producers maintain a high standard, our commercial herd is of good quality, our excellent stud industry is continuously improving and buyers are willing to pay good prices for quality, so if we have favourable conditions and markets, there should be no reason why we cannot look forward to a good year for producers and Agra livestock.”
Meanwhile, not a single Agra stock was traded during January on the NSE’s Over the Counter market. In 2013 some 6,572,137 Agra stocks changed hands at a total value of N$8,281,997.

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