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Kudu Gas at international oil expo

The National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia, NAMCOR, will partake in one of the world’s biggest upstream exploration and production expo’s. Scheduled to run over 4 days, the expo will start on 4 February and will be hosted in Houston, Texas.
The North American Prospect Expo serves as a viable platform to raise Namibia’s profile as an attractive investment destination in the petroleum industry sector. According to NAMCOR the rationale behind partaking in the expo is two – fold, aiming to retain existing relations whilst helping to forge new partnerships, and to explain the geology of Namibia to potential investors with a specific focus on the oil and gas opportunities also known as hydrocarbon potential.

The Kudu Gas and Data Management projects will be featured prominently at the event. The Kudu Gas project will be marketed as the main strategic power generation project while the data management project will assist NAMCOR market Namibia’s hydrocarbon exploration potential internationally on the basis of the data at hand.
NAMCOR’s Managing Director Obeth Kandjoze described the company’s participation in the NAPE Expo as an important oil and gas platform that offers an immense network base to NAMCOR and Namibia. NAMCOR Kudu Gas Project Leader Manfredt Muundjua is equally upbeat about the Namibian state owned petroleum company’s participation in NAPE 2014 and said, “It gives NAMCOR and the Namibian petroleum sector appropriate publicity, while at the same time affording a unique opportunity to interact with service providers and potential investors.”

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