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Top esports gamers to go head to head for national title on Saturday – NESA announces participating players

Top esports gamers to go head to head for national title on Saturday – NESA announces participating players

The Namibian Electronic Sports Association (NESA) on Saturday 25 June will host the finals for the national champions following a successful qualifier round held on 18 June.

Top players from both qualifier rounds have been invited to compete for the title of Namibian Champion in all games.

The finals will take place at the MTC Innovation Center in Maerua Mall, from 9 am to 5 pm and only the top players for each game title are invited to participate, but the doors are open for spectators and supporters, NESA said in a statement.

NESA meanwhile announced the list of players in the various finals as follows:

Top 12 CS: GO players to participate in the finals are: Ilario “NoWher3” Izaks, Andries “Fluye” Wahl, Talon “Shackles” Izaks, Alexander “Dykie” van Dyk, John “Albatraoz” Berry, Ezee “TheEzZ” Viljoen, Hermann “Kazzii” Koch, PJ “Sentinal” Tromp, Gideon “G-MAN” Buys, Danie “Muller” Muller, Pieter “P9T” Kok, and Wim “Tinky Winky” van der Plas.

The top 10 DotA 2 players are: Franlo “FreyTiX” Meyer, Nathan “Dr.OG” Duarte, Jurgen “Phycodamage” Teichert, Benjamin “Biffs” Staden, Mauro “PoRRa07” Teles, Dihan “DiViNE” Boshoff, Wouter “LessEgosMoreAmigos” Zyl, Jaco “Deoc” Coetzer, Tristan “PRINGLES” Volschenk, and Francois “Poison” Rautenbach.

The top 6 eFootball2022 players are: Fernando “Nanjaros” de Sousa, Mandume “Vasilias” Kaukungwa, Rashaad “Jinx” Matjila, Rusian “El Beasting” Ndanyengwa, Edan “Fluffy” Farmer, and Mbahahiza “Don Bizza” Katjinamunene.

The top 16 Tekken 7 players are Ashallo “Beerus Sama” Morkel, Hassel “Kaeizou” Kabajani, Johannes “KarmaLoki” Johannes, Matias “Kandali” Fillemon, Cy “Kaido” Mwangala, Mazila ”Zubscop” Mazila, Gerhard “Afduim” Opperman, Rianelico “JPSniper” D’Almeida, William “Ntrpy” Alexander, Damien “Shacosis” Britz, David “Re4Per” Beukes, Edan “Fluffy” Farmer, Oliver Luther “Sir-Ravioli” Stoffels, Wilgano “JLBlazer” D’Almeida, Janet “Jay-rider” Tonchi, Sakaria “FloatWater” Muremi.

The top 10 MLBB players are Amourie-Johann “SlasherVT” Druker, Deano “ASF Deaman” Doyle, Mazila “Zubscop” Mazila, Richard “Tridan” van Wyk, Lourens “BrewMasterM” du Plessis, Andries “NumroHolic” Steyn, Razhime “Mortc_137” Bezuidenhoudt, Alicia “Alicat” Kotze, William “Ntrpy” Alexander, and Clive “killerclown” van Wyk.

The top 12 PUBG Mobile players are Harry “RedZ0ne” Greyling, Michelle ”VMxSHELLS” Steyn, Elvin Meduletu “Loc” Shikulo, Nekwaya “jone” Haitembu, Dean “Bloodshot” Olivier, Jay “Jay” Schwartz, Laudon “LochN3ss” Olivier, Rusian “El Beasting” Ndanyengwa, Phillipus “Phillipusmath” Matheus, Silas “Silaskeendjele” Keendjele, Hiruu Kangueehi, Andimba “DoGood87” Iilonga.

The association thanked its official esports partner, MTC, and sponsors Logitech and Nanodog for making these events possible.

“NESA also wants to thank all the volunteers and staff that put in the effort to make this happen,” they concluded.


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