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Tournament to showcase local talent

Mini Tennis Player - Carolina MachadoSenior players can choose whether they want to participate at the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.The tennis fraternity in Namibia will see a pioneering event launch in Namibia this year, namely the  KIA Pro-Tennis Academy (PTA) Tennis Series. As part of the series, nine tournaments will be held in the country. Starting on 18 February on the sports grounds of SKW and other venues, it is meant to showcase Namibia’s most skilled players of all ages and skill levels.
This is the first time such a competition will take place in Namibia. The tournament is being organised by the Pro-Tennis Academy and Proactive Sports Marketing and Management, while KIA Motors is the main sponsor.
Competitors will face each other in different categories based on skill – disregarding gender and age – and will be able to earn points at each tournament to advance in the overall KIA PTA Ranking of the series. The amount of points awarded to players at each competition, depend on the final position at the event as well as the category in which the player competes – more points in an advanced level and less if he enters as beginner.
The different categories are: Mini, Midi, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each player can choose at what level he will enter, however once a player has earned a certain total number of points in a specific category, he will have to advance to the next category at the following tournament.
The competition is open for anyone who is eager to test his/her skills in comparison to other tennis talents in Namibia. Prize money will be awarded to the top 3 players in the overall ranking, as well as to three players that showed the greatest improvement in the ranking and advancement in skill level throughout the year.
For more information on the Kia PTA Tennis Series, contact Elizma Nortje at [email protected] and on the Pro Tennis Academy website at

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