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Biggest Tech show set for November

YourTechLive is a new full-value-chain event set to take place in South Africa in November 2014.
The first of its kind on the African continent, the show will present the latest and greatest technology & gadgets from existing manufacturers and distributors operating on the continent. More importantly, it is also a channel for manufacturers looking to enter the world’s fastest growing consumer electronics market and will challenge the industry to lose its complacency and give consumers what they know their counterparts in Europe and the US are already using. A 2012 Deloitte & Touche report noted that ‘the consumer technology market in South Africa alone was worth $9.4 billion in 2012 and is projected to rise to US$13.6 billion in 2016.’

To assist in stimulating this sector to achieve these projections, YourTechLive will combine trade and consumer days, and encompass the development of business partnerships and supply-chains required to facilitate business as well as develop brand and product exposure to the consumer. The show will provide an excellent opportunity for manufacturers looking to break into the African consumer goods market which has a vast audience hungry for the latest offerings, previously only available to them via online portals. Distributors and retailers will also connect with each other and the show also presents a platform for opening new distribution channels looking to trade in Africa whether through traditional models or online. Consumer visitors to the show will be exposed to new technology that will appeal to established tech savvy audiences after a touch of the extraordinary as well as those just entering the domestic electronics and technology space. Paul Dunne, CEO of Your Tech Media Limited, organisers of YourTechLive, believes that the time is right for a concept of this nature to enter the African business arena. “Over the past 24 months we have researched the consumer electronics market on the continent and spoken to numerous companies and experts. Our findings confirm that the market is ripe for innovation and disruption of the current status quo.” Dunne believes that in so doing, YourTechLive can positively influence the future African electronics market. “Not only do we anticipate the increased economics in this sector, but consumers will ultimately benefit with a raft of new price competitive electronic offerings that can assist today’s modern lifestyle.”  Drawing on their international expertise of presenting large-scale tech shows, the organisers have created a format designed to give maximum exposure to all exhibitors and provide visitors with an exceptional experience: a diagonal boulevard will ensure easy visibility and accessibility while elements like product shoot-outs for visitors to enjoy and comment on; exposure to never before seen technology (except that offered through international online portals) will provide a fresh experience, one not to be ignored or forgotten.

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