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MTC launches entertainment streaming content platform

MTC launches entertainment streaming content platform

Digital enabler, MTC this week launched a premium on-demand music, lifestyle, sports fashion, education and entertainment streaming content platform, dubbed MTCtv+.

The new service will bring customers the latest in sport, entertainment and news at very affordable and flexible pricing options.

The service is integrated into the existing Content SDP and will allow customers to subscribe for daily or monthly access. It will also offer premium live and on-demand content that will provide once the event streaming.

“As we drive an inclusive Namibian digital economy and foster innovation and digitalization, MTCTV+ will also provide opportunities for local and regional artists and content creators to use the platform to access digital natives by streaming their content directly to our customers,” said MTC Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer Tim Ekandjo at the launch.

Clients have a choice of three pricing options, namely daily, monthly subscriptions and premium access. Daily and Monthly Subscriptions will provide customers access to the entire content library on MTCtv+ excluding premium live and premium on-demand content. Customers would need to subscribe to start enjoying MTCtv+ and unsubscribe if they want to opt-out.

Premium Live and Premium On-demand provide exclusive content that will be purchased once off on an Adhoc basis. This option does not require a subscription and customers can simply purchase access to a particular streaming event. The Premium options also open new possibilities for artists and the entertainment to host live events on MTCtv+.

For subscriptions, customers can simply log on to on their device browser to subscribe, create their profile and start streaming. Upon successful subscription, customers will receive an email and an SMS with instructions on how to create their profile.

“Because the daily and monthly subscription will require you to opt-in and subscribe, you will need to unsubscribe if you wish to stop the service. The premium services will be a once Adhoc charge for a particular show or event,” Ekandjo concluded.


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