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Revenue Authority reminds employers to hand in all monthly employees tax forms

Revenue Authority reminds employers to hand in all monthly employees tax forms

NamRA has urged all employers to monthly submit a declaration in a prescribed form when making a payment of tax deducted from the remuneration paid to employees, in terms of Schedule 2 (14 (2) to the Income Tax Act 1981 (Act No.24 of 1981).

Chief Strategic Communications and Support Engagements at NamRA, Yarukeekuro Ndorokaze reminded all employers who have not yet submitted all the monthly forms with details of their respective employees and tax deducted, to do so immediately as the due date has lapsed.

“The form is due for submission within 20 days after the end of the month during which tax was deducted from the remuneration of the employee,” added Ndorokaze.

He further stated that most importantly, employers are reminded that employees can only file their annual tax returns, due on 30 June, on the ITAS Portal once their respective Employers have submitted all the monthly forms to the NamRA.

“Details relating to amounts of tax deducted from each employee will thus be populated automatically on the account of each employee when the employers have fulfilled the obligation as articulated above,” explained Ndorokaze.


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