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Support Nampower in its quest to reduce energy use

O & L Energy, a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List Group has responded positively to calls by power utility, Nampower to save energy. Bernd Welbaum, Managing Director of O & L Energy said, “ Not only have we been requested by Nampower to save energy, but saving is something we need to be aware of and start practising as a norm and not the exception.”
The conservative use of energy would ensure a constant supply of energy as well as allowing consumers to save money Walbaum adding that “It is thus with pleasure that we would like to provide our fellow Namibians with some energy saving tips. Remember that saving requires both change of behaviour and equipment.” Waldbaum listed the most obvious and not-so-obvious energy-saving tips as the following: Turn it off: Unnecessary lights should be turned off as well as appliances left plugged-in or on standby; Careful use of kitchen and laundry appliances: Set your washing machine to 30 degrees Celsius. Hang your clothes on a washing line instead of putting them into a tumble dryer. Use a bowl to wash up instead of leaving a tap running.

Fill the kettle with just the amount of water you will need; Fit a proper shower head: A water-efficient shower head will maintain the sensation of the shower. You should also reduce your hot water usage; Heating controls: Turn your geyser temperature down to 50 degrees Celsius; Insulate the geyser: A geyser blanket will help retain heat and pipes leading from the geyser should also be insulated;  Use green energy: A solar geyser can help you save up to two thirds of water heating cost and should be installed with a timer for the best possible saving. Also consider installing a heat pump to a solar geyser as an alternative; Go LED or CFL: Replace old fashioned light bulbs with low energy LED or CFL bulbs; Cooling: Only cool occupied rooms in summer and do not set temperatures lower than 18 to 20 degrees Celsius; Reduce pool pump operating hours: Reduce the use of your pool pump by adjusting the timer that controls the on and off times. A 750 Watt pool pump does not consume a lot of energy but if it runs for 12 hours, it becomes a lot.

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