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Monitronic College sets the record straight

Namibia Qualifications Authority CEO, Franz Gertze showing the accreditation certificate of Monitronic Success College. (Photograph by Nyasha Nyaungwa)

Namibia Qualifications Authority CEO, Franz Gertze showing the accreditation certificate of Monitronic Success College. (Photograph by Nyasha Nyaungwa)

NQA accredited centre of higher learning, Monitronic Success College, recently clarified the accreditation status of its courses at a media briefing that was also attended by officials from the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) as observers.
Principal Dr Daniel Nyaungwa told the media that contrary to a report carried in a local daily last year, courses at Monitronic Success College are quality assured, and are of the highest quality locally and internationally.

He said the College does not offer its own courses, but franchised courses that are quality assured and accredited in the United Kingdom and recognized internationally. The College offers courses from the Association of Business Executives (ABE), City and Guilds International, and The Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), all from the UK.
Nyaungwa said qualifications offered at the College are the same as those obtained by students studying in Britain, Australia, Zimbabwe or the United States of America from the same examination bodies. He emphasized that the qualifications do not belong to his College, but are products of the three international examination bodies. “Monitronic Success College is just a teaching centre and the awarding of qualifications is done by these accrediting bodies,” he said. The principal further said that only courses developed locally can be registered on the National Qualification Framework (NQF) and should be accredited, adding that the NQA Act 29 of 1996 does not make it compulsory for foreign qualifications to be accredited by the NQA because they are already accredited in their country of origin.  “The courses are therefore recognised in Namibia, but not accredited by NQA,” he said. Nyaungwa said it is internationally recognised that once a course is accredited in its country of origin, it can only be recognised in another. “So all courses being offered at Monitronic Success College are accredited in their country of origin and are regarded as of good standing and recognised in Namibia and worldwide.” He said qualifications offered through Monitronic Success College are comparable to locally developed courses as follows with certificate course equivalent to NQF Level 4; Diploma, NQF Level 5; and Advanced Diploma at NQF Level 6.
Meanwhile, the College has also announced that the development of its Namibian courses is at an advanced stage. The College said it has already submitted some courses to the NQA for evaluation and accreditation, adding that these locally developed courses will only be taught once the necessary regulatory approvals and registration on the National Qualifications Framework and Accreditation have been granted.

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