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Namibia ready to work with other African countries for the realisation of Agenda 2063 – DPM

Namibia ready to work with other African countries for the realisation of Agenda 2063 – DPM

Namibia is ready to work with other African countries for the realization of Agenda 2063, an official said Monday at the commencement of the Discover Namibia Intra – Africa Expo and Business Summit at the coastal town of Swakopmund.

The three-day summit with a specific programme designed is set to steer conversations particularly aimed at building a self-sufficient African economy.

Speaking at the event, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Netumbo Naandi-Ndaitwah in a statement said the government supports proactive initiatives, like the establishment of the Africa Economic Leadership Council and its programmes such as the summit.

“Such unique initiatives add value to the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) and provides practical meaning to the implementation thereof,” she added.

Naandi-Ndaitwah believes that such initiatives will empower more young people, thus enabling them to play a significant role in the mainstreaming of the economy as that is the main objective of African leaders.

“The implementation of the AfCFTA provides an opportunity for job creation and greater market access. As well as the further support of the regional and continental goals on regional integration in respect to the SADC within the AU roadmaps of development,” she added.

According to Naandi-Ndaitwah once the full implementation of the AfCFTA is realised, countries will be able to position Africa to move away from the dependency on imports to become an industrialised continent.

“If we continue the culture of exporting raw materials out of the continent without value addition happening in Africa, we must know that we are exporting African jobs to other countries. These, leaves African youth in poverty, forcing them to risk their lives on the high seas running after their jobs whereby, they will be labelled as illegal immigrants,” she said.


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