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M-GHYSS on Night under the Stars in June

M-GHYSS on Night under the Stars in June

The month of June presents young and gifted jazz pianist and composer M-Ghyss to the monthly live music stage of Night under the Stars.

M-Ghyss describes himself as a calm person who is very talkative when it comes to expressing himself musically. He will most definitely be making a statement as a solo musician at the next ‘Night Under the Star event. When probed into why he chose Jazz as his major influence, he cites that the complex arrangement within jazz help him to feel free and express his musical voice without limits. A pianist at heart he confesses that it has always been a part of his life.

He learnt Piano/keys in the street at the early age of 8-9 years, recalling that at the time instruments were not available to anyone, but by the age of 12 he was good enough to play in local churches with friends.

M-Ghyss and his quintet band are bringing to the stage some heartfelt, raw, original songs that he has spent the past year perfecting. His intention is to reach beyond the ear of the listener into the soul. His music is relatable and pure and the energy is going to be electric as he will be accompanied by some of the most talented and skilled instrumentalists Namibia has to offer.

The themes he chose to incorporate into his music are Love, Nature and Hope. Love, for M-Ghyss, is a common and universal language that everyone speaks even though we come from different origins, tribes, cultures etc. He explains it as follows: ‘Nature, I take it as the “truth, it never compromises, it teaches us a lot of things even though sometimes humans want to go against, it still stands to its own principles.’ Lastly, he explains that Hope is his third focus in his work.

For M-Ghyss, this is a major inspiration in creating his unique Jazz sounds. He confesses that as he lives his aim is to promote Hope, Truth and Love. In his own words: “I think, how fun and joyful it is to express all sort of feelings through jazz improvisation on piano and on other instruments that will be played that night by musicians playing with me.”

“A good song is something that emerges from a good melody”, he says, a tune that is attractive and memorable. Further, he believes his music is relevant to Namibia as that in every country not everyone is interested in upbeat pop songs, there’s always also a crowd for every genre of music.

In this case M-Ghyss’ style of music targets people that love classical Jazz, Afro Jazz, Fusion Jazz, and Soul Jazz. He feels that the Jazz movement is still slow in Namibia, but once there is a frequent venue to perform this genre, other people may discover it as well. He feels that more venues to perform “live music would be great in Namibia because we need to inspire more people, especially kids and young people to learn instruments so that we may have more musicians in Namibia.”

The show takes place on 11 June 2022. Doors will open at 19:00 at the Goethe-Institut, located on 1-5 Fidel Castro Street, Windhoek. The entrance is N$20 at the door.


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