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Buying your first car? Check out the Wesbank app

Buying your first car? Check out the Wesbank app

By Kutlwano Mogatusi
WesBank Motor Communications Specialist.

If you are a recent graduate or young professional entering the workplace this year, you might be looking to buy your first car too. More companies and organisations are starting to return to the office after an extended work from the home period and, if your company is among these, a set of wheels could be on your big items wish list for 2022.

While deciding what car to buy can be a daunting experience, the country’s leader in innovative vehicle and asset finance solutions has just the solution for that – the WesBank App. Downloading the app and managing all the transactions involved in buying a car on your smartphone is quick, easy and, most importantly, secure.

Designed as a complete, end to end vehicle finance platform, it enables you, the customer, to easily apply and check for vehicle finance, customise your deal according to your budget, manages your account online and even signs off on the finance contracts – all under one app on your phone, in the comfort of your home or workplace.

Online solutions have streamlined many of the touchpoints along the car-buying journey. The more steps you complete from the comfort of your home, the better. The app will guide you through the car-buying process step by step, starting with the most important decision you need to make – what vehicle you can afford. The easiest way to check that is to use the online vehicle repayment calculator to help you calculate the monthly repayments you’d have to make for your chosen vehicle, including the loan terms.

Remember too that our Graduate Finance programme also makes allowance for young professionals without a credit history because the finance packages we offer are exclusively structured for you. We understand your situation as you start on your career path and enable you to access the necessary finance to purchase your first car even if you don’t yet have a credit score.

New cars, used cars, demo models, buying from a dealership or a person selling their car privately. So many choices but now is not the time to be splashing out on your dream car when in reality you should be looking at an affordable, practical and reliable car that does the job of getting you to work and back. Understand what your needs are for the car, know what your budget is and then start the online search.

With many sites to choose from, the internet is the best place to start shopping for a car. From researching and comparing models to browsing nearby inventory to knowing the right price to pay, you’ll have a buyer’s advantage when you finally make your selection.

And with more dealerships offering delivery directly to your door, the only time you’ll need to put your phone down and enter the dealership could be to take a test drive. By doing your research and getting advice from a parent or colleague, you can do most of your car-buying journey online.

Back to the app, where you can explore personalised deal structures on potential purchases by selecting terms, deposit amounts and balloon payment preferences without the need to engage face-to-face with dealership or banking staff. Once you have entered all the information on the app, your vehicle finance application has been approved and the repayment deal structure is finalised to suit your budget, it is also possible to secure your car with the dealer reference number and finally seal the deal by signing the relevant contracts digitally via the app.

Once you are adulting behind the wheel of your car, you can also use the app for simplified account management with easy access to balances, settlement quotes and requests for NaTIS (vehicle registration) documents.

When the time comes to upgrade your current model and you want to sell your car, you can turn to the app once again, either via the Marketplace platform or privately using the P2P (peer-to-peer) functionality to connect with others WesBank customers. It is safe, secure and convenient.

With the WesBank app, we are simplifying the car buying and vehicle finance application process. Everything you need to do is just a touch of a button away on your smartphone ensuring a seamless, secure and convenient experience on your journey to owning your first car.


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