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City of Windhoek advises residents on course of action in case of a veld fire

City of Windhoek advises residents on course of action in case of a veld fire

The City of Windhoek has cautioned residents in fire-prone areas to plan and avoid destruction to the environment and damage to properties as a result of veld fires.

The municipal authority said, unlike many other hazards, that most veld fires are caused by people and can be prevented by people.

“Residents should clear vegetation at least three to six metres from your house boundaries adjacent to open spaces, covered with grass and bushes, do not dump garden refuse or any other combustible material in the veld or any other place than the allocated dumping sites, do not make fires in the open veld and report veld fires as soon as possible,” the city added.

The city said residents should report cases of deliberate fire setter, for fire suppression, keep a garden hose connected to a tap which can reach the boundaries of your premises and regularly clean their roof and gutters.

“Please note that whenever you are burning garden refuse, notify the Fire Service on 211 111 and burn it in a barrel with a grid or grill over the barrel to prevent burning debris from flying around and never leave the fire unattended,” they explained.

The municipality further cautioned residents to remind their children about the hazards of a veld fire and to keep work telephone numbers at hand for them.


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