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Namibia faces acute blood shortage

The Namibia Blood Transfusion Service said this week an acute shortage of blood is currently experienced following the increased demand over the holiday period. Responding to questions by the Economist to determine the level of blood stocks in the country’s blood banks, the Blood Transfusion Service said it had to deal with an overwhelming response by prospective donors but that these stock have been depleted during the holiday.
At the beginning of the holidays in December last year, the Blood Transfusion Service issued a special call for blood donors to donate blood.

The Blood Transfusion Service was able to build up a nine day supply throughout the festive season. The strong rise in blood supply levels has however taken a dip as the demand for blood rapidly increased as the festive season got into full gear. Currently, a three day supply of blood can be maintained but the situation can take a turn for the worse should above average usage occur.
After the holidays,  the Blood Transfusion Service faces an acute shortage of the blood group O. Owing to the demand of the O blood group, it can be administered in cases of emergencies and is used in most hospitals outside Windhoek.
 The Blood Transfusion Service reiterated calls for people to donate blood, in particular people of the blood group O.
This week the Blood Transfusion Service issued a special appeal to the public for more blood donations.

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