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Digital enabler invests over N$60,000 to assist Poiyah Media interns

Digital enabler invests over N$60,000 to assist Poiyah Media interns

Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC) has come on board sponsoring Poiyah Media interns to continue carrying out its mandate to groom students and aid their practical skills for corporate upon graduation.

Founder Poiyah Media applauded such initiatives and thanked MTC for entrusting its investment to further aid students in this opportunity which is a stepping stone for its students into the corporate world.

“MTC has invested over N$60,000 and this goes a long way having nurtured 8 students over nine months. Not only have we signed a memorandum of understanding with the telecommunications company but also the respective university which aligns with its core purpose to give final year students exposure to practical work before graduation. Not only is this a practical experience but the learning from Poiyah Media allows a wealthy platform for network and other opportunities. We are proud to announce that over 80% of all Poiyah Media interns are comfortably placed in full-time jobs after their internship program. We focus on our long-term impact and with Poiyah Media’s credibility we are an official agency to recommend well-groomed interns to corporates,” she said.

Included in the next 6-month intake program by Poiyah Media are Tuyenikomwene Daniel,
Susan Emvula, Leah Ndalulilwa, Anna Ndjambula and Mally Hamundjebo.

Students are encouraged to apply for internships every six months which is open to final year media, English, public relations and communications students from NUST and UNAM.

Leah Ndalulilwa, Project Co-Ordinator at Poiyah Media who is a Bachelor of Arts student studying Media Studies and majoring in Public Relations, acknowledged the company by saying, ‘First and foremost, I would like to thank MTC for consistently providing various forms of assistance to the community, whether financially or simply by assisting people in any way they can. I am grateful to MTC for collaborating with Poiyah Media and providing us with the opportunity to receive an
allowance,” she said.

Final year student studying Bachelor of English and Applied Linguistics, Anna Ndjambula who is the copywriter at Poiyah Media expressed complete gratitude and appreciation for not only being an intern at Poiyah Media but now a paid intern.

“Despite the terrific opportunity given to me by Poiyah Media to act as an intern for the next six (6) months, I am equally grateful to MTC for sponsoring my duration with Poiyah Media. As the initiative is aimed at supporting the youth across the country, this will help me get the exposure and experience that I need during my internship,” she added.

Project Co-ordinator, Susan Emvula who is a student at the Namibia University of Science and Technology studying Bachelor of communication shared her excitement for being considered part of the preferred public relations agency.

“This internship is such a great opportunity for me, being able to work with the best company in the public relations industry, which is Poiyah Media, helping us with so much knowledge. I’m thankful to MTC for this great partnership. Helping us financially lifts so much off our shoulders,” she expressed.

Poiyah Media continues to stress the importance of incorporating internships in corporate organizations to allow that first-hand experience and groom students upon graduation. They aim to be the bridge that closes the gap that stands between students not getting work due to lack of work experience.

 Front:  Founder Ilke Platt, Susan Emvula, Tuyenikomwene Daniel, Leah Ndalulilwa, Anne Ndjambula and Mally Hamundjebo.


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