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Impressive sailing but no new record

lud-speed-metzger2The Luderitz Speed Challenge, currently underway on a new channel to break the world sail record of 103km/h (55.65 kts) has seen some impressive sailing earlier in the week but none of the six challengers has yet managed to match the new target of 60 kts or 115km/h. The challengers who are trying to reach the target are: Stefan Metzger of Namibia, Souphie Routabout of France (she is the only woman participating in the event), Basil Cambanis of South Africa, Taro Niehaus of South Africa, Sebastien Cattelan of France and Anthony Chaffron, who is also a French national. The Lüderitz Speed Challenge has been held in Namibia since 2007 and is a World Record Attempt in speed sailing that has produced more than 40 world and national records to date. (Picture): Namibia’s Stefan Metzger is one of this year’s challengers trying to and break the 60 kts barrier under sail. (Photograph copyright by Adrien Freville)

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