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Health Ministry urges travellers to upload COVID-19 lab test results and vaccine certificates on their website

Health Ministry urges travellers to upload COVID-19 lab test results and vaccine certificates on their website

The Ministry of Health and Social Services has introduced the Trusted Travel and Trusted Vaccines technology platforms in partnership with the African Union and the PanaBios Consortium.

The Executive Director of the Ministry, Ben Nangombe in a statement on 26 April said the new technological innovation will provide for the issuance of secure, tamper-proof and digitally verifiable COVID-19 laboratory test results and vaccine certificates that facilitate smoother and hassle-free travel.

“Following weeks of troubleshooting and pressure testing, we have customised the system for Namibia and we are now in a position to issue, authenticate and verify travellers’ COVID-19 vaccine certificates, therefore travellers can enjoy the comfort and convenience of generating their authentic COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate online,” he added.

He reiterated that the Trusted Vaccines platform is available to generate COVID-19 Digital Vaccination Certificates for persons who are fully vaccinated and for a Digital Vaccination Certificate with a QR Code to be issued, the platform is equipped with a self-upload functionality, enabling individuals to upload information and images of their Vaccination Cards and Passports/Travel document for authentication.

“A step by step guide on how to register and create accounts and generate provisional digital vaccination certificates on the Trusted Vaccines Platform, can be accessed using our website and once generated, provisional digital vaccination certificates are approved by the Ministry before they can be used for travel purposes,” emphasised Nangombe.

Nangombe encouraged travellers to upload their documents at least two weeks before the travelling date to allow the Ministry to approve the certificate and travellers who are unable to use the self-upload option may contact the COVID-19 toll-free number at 0800 100 100 for assistance.

“We support ongoing engagements to establish full interoperability between the Trusted Vaccines framework and the European Union Digital COVID-19id Certification trust gateways,” concluded Nangombe.


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