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Low-cost houses in Otjiwarongo 70% complete

Low-cost houses in Otjiwarongo 70% complete

The National Housing Enterprise’s low-income housing project in Otjiwarongo which is envisioned for completion end of June progressing as per the timelines and is well up to 70% completed.

More than 50% of the houses constructed under this project are geared to assisting the lower-income staff members from the Otjiwarongo Town Council. NHE CEO, Gisbertus Mukulu recently paid a visit to the construction site.

The project is a collaboration between the Otjiwarongo Town Council and NHE and is built on 40 plots acquired from the Otjiwarongo Town Council in 2021.

The houses constructed will use aluminium windows, a first for all NHE houses moving forward. This, together with face-brick accents, is in line with our new and improved facelift. NHE believes in giving back and has thus increased women’s empowerment in all projects. There are 16 women involved in the project currently in the fields of Administration (2), Building Artisans (3), Office Administration (1) and 10 general workers.

The NHE management also held a consultative meeting with the Okahandja Town Council members to engage on the best possible ways to make housing a reality for its residents, on Monday, 11 April

Further visits to Outapi, Tsandi and Okahao Town Councils are in the pipeline as part of our strategic stakeholder engagement plan in line with the mandate to provide affordable and quality housing.


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