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Drugs to light up any dope fiend’s life seized at the Trans Kalahari Border Post

Drugs to light up any dope fiend’s life seized at the Trans Kalahari Border Post

Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA) this week confirmed that parcels containing cannabis, crack cocaine and mandrax tablets, valued at N$11.9 million dollars were seized at the Trans Kalahari Border Post in the Omaheke Region on 16 April.

The consignment was seized from a truck that entered Namibia from Botswana, and following the non-intrusive inspection, scanning process, analysis by the customs officials at the border, images revealed that part of the load differed from what was declared in the documents, NamRA spokesperson, Steven Ndorokaze said in a statement.

“A subsequent physical inspection uncovered 19 boxes that were not part of the declared consignment, containing prohibited drugs. Over 300 parcels of cannabis valued at N$10.7 million, together with crack cocaine worth N$39,000 and more than 10 thousand mandrax tablets valued at N$1.2 million dollars were seized,” he added.

According to Ndorokaze owing to the close cooperation between NamRA and the Namibian Police, a sting operation was carried out and 14 suspected drug dealers were arrested.

“NamRA is determined to improve its role in facilitating legitimate trade, whilst at the same time enhancing the protection at society and the Namibian borders against the importation and exportation of illicit goods- All traders are encouraged to strictly comply with the customs law during the exportation and importation of goods,” he concluded.


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