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Young Rundu doctor grows medical practice with Development Bank backing

Young Rundu doctor grows medical practice with Development Bank backing

A young Rundu doctor has just expanded and upgraded his practice with the financial support of the Development Bank of Namibia.

After a successful application for a business loan, Dr Vincent Kambinda was able to obtain more medical equipment and supplies for his practice named MedRundu Health Centre. The remaineder of the loan is applied as working capital.

The local importance of MedRundu Health Centre is evident. DBN Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication, Jerome Mutumba, said although Rundu town and district carry a population of more than 90,000 people, there are only 16 general practitioners, one state hospital and one private hospital.

This scarcity of medical professionals poses a serious disadvantage for Rundu residents since the broader population falls far short of the World Health Organisation’s recommended one doctor per 1000 people. Therefore, adding just one doctor makes a significant statistical difference to the availability of medical services.

Mutumba said the bank has a long history of financing medical facilities and professionals. This includes Ongwediva Medipark, two providers of radiological and diagnostic services, one of which was assisted under the Bank’s Innovation Fund, as well as several pharmacies.

Talking about finance for young professionals, he said the facility is proving fit for purpose. The role of young professionals, he continued, is to provide business and social services that foster a sound socio-economic and entrepreneurial environment.

In addition to this, young professionals are nurtured financially by the bank with the expectation that they will form part of future entrepreneurs to come.



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