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Celebrating her second birthday in memory of her grandmother

Celebrating her second birthday in memory of her grandmother

The Cancer Association of Namibian (CAN) received a generous donation of N$10,000 from two-year-old Imara Saara Bachler, in honour of her grandmother, Laina Manasse, who lost her life to cancer in 2021. Imara donated the money in celebration of her 2nd birthday.

According to her parents, Maduma and Selma Bachler CAN support the family when Laina was battling cancer and it meant a lot to them that they were present during such a difficult time.

“Laina was not able to attend Imara’s first birthday party due to lock-down restrictions, however, she was looking forward to celebrating Imara’s second birthday, before her untimely passing,” they added.

The family hopes that this story inspires Namibians to look out and take care of one another because so many people are in need.

Selma reiterated that it just made sense to donate to CAN, because it was Imara’s birthday and granny wanted to be there for it, so it seemed fitting to make this donation in Imara’s name to honour her grandmother.

“We are making a concerted effort to teach Imara that it is better to give than to receive and as a result, she decided to donate to the CHICA Interim House herself,” said Selma.

Head of Marketing at Liberty Namibia, Warren Kozonguizi, who attended the handover said this is heartfelt and inspiring, to see the lengths that people are willing to go to to help others.

Chief Executive Officer of CAN, Rolf Hansen praised the family’s contribution by saying that it was very humbling to see that even the smallest of children can make a difference in their community and that people should learn from the generosity that Imara has displayed.


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