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New FNB account number prefixes introduced

New FNB account number prefixes introduced

FNB has introduced a new range of account numbers to the transactional and investment accounts as of 11 April 2022.

“FNB was recently voted the best bank in Namibia, and our ever-growing customer base, and the introduction of these new numbers to accommodate our new customers, is indicative of our growth and helpfulness. We are excited about this move and look forward to helping all our new transactional and investment customers,” said Elzita Beukes, FNB Corporate Communications Manager.

The existing accounts and account numbers will not be changed or affected by this change and these accounts will retain the regular transactional and investment functionality customers are used to.

“Going forward, all new Transactional Accounts will begin with the ‘64’ range. Similarly, new Fixed Deposit Accounts will be issued within the ‘78’ range, and Notice Deposit Accounts (32-day interest plus, FlexiFixed, Fixed maturity, 48-Hour cash accelerator and 7-day notice deposits) will be issued within the ‘76’ range. We request our customers to contact our Contact Centre on 061 299 2222 should they have any questions or queries,” added Beukes.


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