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Old Mutual launches brand-new online travel insurance solution

Old Mutual recently launched Travelsure, a brand-new online travel insurance solution that covers you for lost luggage, cancelled flights, unforeseen trip cancellations, loss, theft, and unexpected medical expenses.

Through three distinct packages: personal, senior, and business packages, travellers can travel with an ease of mind knowing that the packages speak directly to their specific travel needs.

With Travelsure; travellers can get cover when they are travelling overseas or within Namibia. The automated process allows them the opportunity to get a quote and purchase their travel insurance online.

“Travelsure makes travelling so much easier with travel insurance that understands the client and makes the process of travelling easy, accessible and hassle-free. Travelsure offers one an ease of mind knowing that your travel insurance understands your needs and is responsive to your demands,” said Riaan Vermeulen, Old Mutual Short-Term Insurance (OMSIC) Managing Director.

Furthermore, Vermeulen adds that “we often make travel plans and hope they run smoothly. Travel insurance should be a crucial part of your travel preparation so you can handle the unexpected with a smile because you know your travel insurance has you covered.”


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