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E-Mags – “Paperless future” in digital marketing

Local digital magazines are fast growing in popularity. Following on the success of established publications like Kalahari Water, the new year saw the introduction of another E-mag, Rumours.
Through the spate of new digital publications, a new faster, informative as well as interactive way of digital marketing has graced the Namibian market through several free online E-publications. Rumours is only the latest in a trend that shows much growth potential.

This brain child from Bizjar International has entered the digital marketing industry which has had some dynamic change in most aspects of media.
“It is an active online magazine with up to date information 24/7 globally.  
Move your cursor or click on the buttons and experience the journey to discover what Namibia has to offer through interactive E-Mags to you, our valued clients, local, national and international”, Bizjar International said in the pilot release of their first edition claiming that “Rumours is the only free interactive online publication that presents businesses globally 24/7 and is available monthly.”
The unique manner in which these E-publications are created ,will ensure business to be done on the go at the click of a button which is a faster way of communication with clients.
Leveraging the reach of the new E-publication, Bizjar said it offers companies the service of converting or creating digital documents, completely eliminating the need for paper. Bizjar International said Rumours will be available every month and extensively cover businesses in all 13 regions of Namibia.

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