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Troublesome male lion terrorizing communities in Kunene put down

Troublesome male lion terrorizing communities in Kunene put down

Local authorities recently put down a problem-causing lion, that had been terrorizing communities in the Sesfontein and Puros areas situated in the Kunene Region.

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda in a statement said the male lion, approximately 8 to10 years old had been killing people’s livestock since 2019.

“He caught 12 cattle, 13 donkeys and 9 goats. The lion numerous times was observed moving into people’s settlements at night posing a threat to their lives. He was also displaying traits that he was not scared of people,” Muyunda added.

Muyunda said the lion was declared a problem-causing animal and was trophy hunted to generate funds for the affected communities through conservancies, in accordance with Namibia’s Nature Conservation Ordinance no 4 of 1975.

“The hunt generated an amount of N$150,000 to which both Puros and Sesfontein conservancies got N$65,000 each to assist in paying affected farmers. 20,000 was paid to the Game Product Trust Fund, to be reinvested in conservation,” he added.

Muyunda meanwhile said the destruction of problem-causing animals is part of Namibia’s conservation methods, particularly in mitigating human-wildlife conflict.


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