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Make your surroundings a point of reference for you achievements

Make your surroundings a point of reference for you achievements

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mekenificent, Meke Naminda, shared her entrepreneurial journey at the OMDis Entrepreneurship Expo 2022 in Oranjemund on 1 April.

Meke attended school in the remote areas of Omauni in the Ohangwena Region, where there were no signs of development insight to now owning an award-winning company and creating employment for close to 20 people. She said the Namibian dream is possible even when you do not come from a rich family or winning tenders.

“African boys and girls need to see that making money and success does not only come from being a Musician, dancing, shebeens, bars or clubs, but you can also be a cool kid growing fruits and vegetables, you can be cooking up a storm, you can be a cool kid inventing cool futuristic stuff and you can be a cool kid solving Namibian and African issues,” she emphasised.

She further challenged people to start making references in their presentations and speeches to Namibians and Africans breaking barriers and doing the most for themselves and their communities.

“We do not need to go too far for inspiration, that is why I want to hear about Emma Shilongo of EMMs beauty parlour, she is an employer, I want to hear about Joshua Nghaamwa a techno dude who invented network boosters, I want to hear about Bomba Shigwedha who had the courage to open his won business, he is an employer and I want to hear about Sheldon Tatchell, from South Africa, who quit his job and now owns over 50 franchises,” added Meke.

She further expressed that you can be a cool kid with peace, love and a drive to bring change to your community. “Sneakers saved my life, my sneakers got me where I am today, therefore put them on and start walking and then run soon you will fly,” concluded Meke.


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