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Gondwana introduces hybrid cars to its Namibia2Go fleet

Gondwana introduces hybrid cars to its Namibia2Go fleet

Namibia2Go presented the first of 12 new hybrid vehicles which combine petrol and electric power to deliver the best possible performance and efficiency in Windhoek this week.

The cars include a generator that automatically charges a battery. Mariental Toyota is Namibia2Go’s partner and supplier of the new Hybrid vehicles.

The new rental cars from Namibia2Go will hit the road as soon as they arrive. Namibia2Go has already received numerous enquiries from environmentally conscious self-drivers and interested parties.

At the official launch of the Toyota Cross hybrid vehicles, Gondwana’s Financial Director Jaco Visser said that after two difficult years, tourism has to move with the times and should actively engage in the protection of the environment.

“Tourism is one of the most inclusive and sustainable industries that we have. We have to look after our planet to make sure that it is there for generations to come,” Visser said.

Test drives in Cape Town have shown that the Toyota Cross 1.8XS CVT HV’s average petrol consumption is 4.7l/100 km, a great advantage in times when fuel prices are soaring to dizzying heights. The car is also more environmentally-friendly thanks to lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The Toyota Cross 1.8XS Hybrid is off-road capable, economical and comfortable. Furthermore, it is equipped with the latest safety technology, 2×4 drive and good ground clearance.

Launch of the new Toyota Cross 1.8XS CVT HV at the Namibia2Go car rental in Windhoek. (Gondwana Collection Namibia)


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