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We Race Together initiative gains traction – 20 corporates on board of MTC’s social cause

We Race Together initiative gains traction – 20 corporates on board of MTC’s social cause

From spiritual leaders, and artists to business personalities, the We Race Together initiative now boasts 20 corporates that have pledged to the cause and this week McHenry Venaani and Dr Panduleni Itula registered their names for the relay race, come 23 April.

PwC, Bonlife Assurance, NamRA, NORED, Namcor, Appolos Shimakeleni Lawyers and CSS Tactical Solution have recently joined the podium as sponsors of the event, joining the likes of Shoprite, Namib Mills, MTC, Erongo Marine Enterprise, BIPA, Namport, Bank Windhoek, Namibia Airport Company, Kasivibe, Nampower, CRAN, Momentum Metropolitan Namibia and National Youth Council of Namibia.

These corporates heeded the call to embrace the culture of collaborating to address common social concerns. In addition, personalities from different walks of life have also volunteered to amplify the course with their participation.

The likes of Robyn Nakaambo, Police spokesperson, Kauna Shikwambi, Deputy Minister Emma Kantema-Goamas, retired footballers Ricardo Mannetti, Collin Benjamin, Toivo Nuugulu and Limba Mupetami were amongst the 140 personalities announced to grace the track field on the day.

But it was the political heavyweights who sealed the deal when they took on the podium promising to deliver unparliamentary but fit performances on the day.

“We may differ as politicians and Namibians, but the sport has proven that it continues to unite us. I’m looking forward to the race and the challenge to be part of this initiative. My competitors are in for a display of fine running,” said IPC President Itula.

His political counterpart Venaani enthused that while he is looking past Itula, he cannot wait for training to commence as he gets ready to display a fine performance. “We need to embrace all efforts that unite us. What unites us all is sport, and this opportunity is one we as countrymen and women cannot let go of,” said Venaani.

This week, with a pledge of N$30,000, CSS Tactical Solution owner Amos Shiyuka said that although the economy enjoys financial turbulences, corporates ought to grab the opportunity and support the course.

“We are all having challenges, but other corporates ought to be part of this noble course that looks beyond our difference. MTC is like our glue that puts Namibians together and this is an opportunity to effect change,” said Shiyuka.

Under the annual MTC Knockout Project banner, the creative “We Race Together” program is aimed at nation-building and instilling a culture of unity while generating funds for a yet-to-be-announced charity course.

Personality and Police mouthpiece Kauna Shikwambi said; “Come the day of the race, I will be running as fast as I can. It is a noble initiative and what I like most is the fact that we must work together regardless of our difference and professions.”

Thanking corporates that responded to the clerical call, the sports deputy minister said; “On top of the fun, there is a huge impact that this initiative will absorb the shocks that the vulnerable have endured through COVID. We are looking forward to this event and call on more corporates to support,” said Kantema-Goamas who sent a stern warning to other participants in the relay race.


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