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Organisers say Pupkewitz Jetty Mile a success

Organisers of the Pupkewitz Jetty Mile held annually during the holiday season say the December competition was a huge success with more than 200 swimmers participating.
To put the cherry on the cake Harold Pubkewitz’s daughter, Meryl Barry was there to shoot the starting gun for all the events.
The conditions on the day were favourable with clear water, sunny skies and a relatively small swell even though some of the top contenders were hoping for a big swell and a rough ocean to give them an edge over the less experienced ocean swimmers.
Participants could choose between the Full Jetty Mile, which started at Tiger Reef and ended at the Mole or a shorter sprint. The young kids also enjoyed themselves, testing their swimming skills in the Kiddies Fun event.

OTB Sport, the organizers of the Pupkewitz Jetty Mile said they were happy with the record turnout at the year end event. The organisers gave a special thank you to Meryl Barry and the Pupkewitz Foundation for their generous sponsorship and support over the last seven years.
The top male place of the day went to 15-year-old, Phillip Seidler who had a comfortable lead and won the Jetty Mile in a time of 24:22. Second place went to Nicolai Flemming in 25:47 while third place went to the winner of the elite age category, Boris Kluikowski with a time of 25:50. The top female place went to 15-year-old Molina Smalley in a time of 27:58. In second place was another 15-year-old, Sonja Adelaar who clocked in 28:46. Tony Roth was third and winner of the Elite age category in 28:51.
Tyrone Kotze won the senior male category in 27:42 and Zoe Mitchel the senior female category in 33:12. Martina Bueckendorf won the master female category in 39:54 and Jan Sterk the master male category in 35:09. The overall winner of the print event was 15-year-old, Alexander Skinner in a time of 9:06. Christiaan Lamprecht was second in 9:11 with Jean-Paul third in 9:44.

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