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Four local artists works to be showcased on ‘African Galleries Now’ online art fair

Four local artists works to be showcased on ‘African Galleries Now’ online art fair

StArt Art Gallery will be participating in an online art fair called African Galleries Now, where they will be showing the work of four local artists from 30 March to 17 April.

StArt Art said the public can go and view the work of Nicky Marais, Arno Hoth, Ismael Shivute and Elisia Nghidishange at the international art platform

“This event is the third of its kind and it is a great showcase of some of the 15 members of African Art Galleries Association (AAGA) and the artists they work with,” added StArt Art.

The gallery said the four artists work across a variety of mediums, yet share an evocative use of abstraction and symbolism and the artists create a visual vocabulary of their own, layering marks and symbols to imbue their work with rich narrative.

“The work of Ismael Shivute and Elisia Nghidishange are sculptures in humanoid form, created with a combination of rigid steel armatures and soft, flexible fabric carefully woven by the artists, while Ismael Shivute will be presenting soapstone sculptures which are carved intuitively by hand following the natural contours of the stone and Nicky Marais’s large paintings on canvas connect to a broader body of work through which she gathers significant forms and explores the relationship between physicality and spirituality,” emphasised the Gallery

StArt Art further said that Arno Hoth described his digital paintings as stemming from generational knowledge and history and falling into a subconscious contemplation of emotion and colour.


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