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Breweries continues investing in LEFA’s ride-sharing platform

Breweries continues investing in LEFA’s ride-sharing platform

Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) reaffirmed its long-standing relationship with LEFA by sponsoring the shuttle and cab service to the tune of N$250,000.

From the Breweries’ first investment in the startup four years ago in 2018, LEFA’s ride-sharing platform has grown exponentially, providing more than 146,000 rides to the public while growing its driver fleet to more than 40.

Melkisadek Shivute Ausiku, the founder of LEFA, said Namibia Breweries has been a trusted partner and integral to the growth of LEFA.

“They believed in our idea and helped us to develop our platform, and have since continued to take our hand as we grow and improve LEFA, for the benefit of the public as well as our drivers who are able to care for their families through the services they provide,” Ausiku added.

Marco Wenk, NBL Managing Director said the sponsorship is one of the numerous smart partnerships the company has developed over the years as it continues to promote responsible drinking and discourage harmful practices such as drinking and driving.

“Whether it is in partnership with the Namibian Police or other industry players via the Self-Regulating Alcohol Industry Forum, we know that our efforts are more impactful when we work together. This is also why we developed EduDrink, the online learning platform that equips consumers with the facts and impact of alcohol. If we all do our bit, alcohol-related harm need not be a factor in our society,” Wenk said.

 Founder of LEFA, Melkisadek Ausiku (left), and NBL Managing Director, Marco Wenk.


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