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Namibia2Go adds hybrid vehicles to its fleet

Namibia2Go adds hybrid vehicles to its fleet

Namibia2Go will on 1 April become the first local car rental service to add hybrid vehicles to its fleet, with the first two of a total of twelve Toyota Cross 1.8XS CVT HV becoming available for environmentally conscious renters.

Namibia2Go manager Wandi van Hout said the additional 10 hybrid vehicles will be delivered by the end of April.

“As part of Gondwana Collection Namibia, which has been committed to sustainability and nature conservation for 25 years, we can now also contribute towards these goals with our car rental,” Hout said.

The Toyota Cross 1.8XS Hybrid is off-road capable, economical and comfortable. Hybrid technology combines petrol and electric power to deliver the best possible performance and efficiency. The model’s average petrol consumption is just 4.3 l/100 km.

The Toyota Cross 1.8XS CVT HV is equipped with the latest safety technology, 2×4 drive and good ground clearance (161mm). The stylish five-door recreational model offers the opportunity to enjoy a Namibia holiday to the fullest and with a clear conscience.


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