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Belgium, UAE dominate client list for NAMDIA for next 3-year cycle

Belgium, UAE dominate client list for NAMDIA for next 3-year cycle

State-owned, diamond marketing and sales company, Namib Desert Diamonds (NAMDIA) on Friday announced their finalized new client list for the next three-year cycle.

The finalized list of 36 companies is dominated by companies from Belgium and the United Arab Emirates which are both represented by 9 companies each, India (8), Israel (5), the United States of America (3), while two companies from Namibia were selected on the new client list.

“NAMDIA looks forward to continuing fostering and building strong working relationships with its clients and remains committed to creating a global footprint for Namibian diamonds and security for the best value for our country’s most precious stones,” the company said in the announcement.

Namibia and Antwerp’s (Belgium) direct bilateral diamond trade amounted to over US$133 million in 2021 and Namibia ranks as the sixth-largest diamond producer in the world with the majority of the nation’s rough diamond production coming from marine sources.


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