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Seamstresses continue training as Rössing donation helps solve dust problem

Seamstresses continue training as Rössing donation helps solve dust problem

A sewing workshop without a ceiling that doubles as a training facility had such trouble with dust that it affected both the trainees and the instructor. A plea for assistance went out to Rössing Uranium and last week the workshop was recommissioned for training.

The Swakopmund Clothing Production workshop did not have a ceiling. As a result, trainees as well as the trainer and equipment were often exposed to dust especially on windy days. The dust caused all sorts of allergies in the people and machine breakdowns where it accumulated on the equipment. This led to delays in training and repair costs to get them fixed.

The clothing workshop is part of the Communities Skills Development Centre in Swakopmund so it approached Rössing Mine to help fit a ceiling to stop the dust. This request was considered favourably and the building got a ceiling for the first time. The refurbished workshop was commissioned on Friday 18 March 2022.

Rössing Uranium Manager Corporate Communication, Daylight Ekandjo said that Rössing Uranium continues to live by its motto, “Working for Namibia”, and is committed to working with communities in which it operates.

“This type of donation request is one of those that you just can’t turn a blind eye to because it’s something that’s part of our DNA – At Rössing, safety is always first. This is our community, our employees are from this community, and we believe some of their children receive training at COSDEC, therefore only together can we build our communities and make a meaningful impact.”

Marilyn Eibes, COSDEC Swakopmund’s Centre Manager and Hilde Hartley, Clothing Production Trainer, both thanked Rössing Uranium saying This donation makes our environment more conducive for learning. In the same breath, allow me to thank you for the pallet donations which enable us to cut cost on the joinery and cabinet making trade.”

Manager of Swakopmund’s Cosdec Centre, Marilyn Eibes and the sewing instructor, Hilde Hartley with Rössing Uranium’s Manager Corporate Communication, Daylight Ekandjo and the trainees of the Swakopmund Clothing Production workshop.



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