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Namib Mills to increase basic foodstuffs in April

Namib Mills to increase basic foodstuffs in April

The food-producing and distributing entity, Namib Mills Group on Thursday announced an impending price increase to its line of products effective 25 April.

The product prices that will increase include; maize meal which will increase by 3%, pasta and bread (3%), wheat flour (6%), rice (3%) and sugar (3%), Namib Mills Commercial Manager, Pieter van Niekerk confirmed to the Economist.

The six-week notice of the price increases is to ensure retailers can adjust, he said.

Van Niekerk attributed the price increase to the current Ukraine and Russia war as well as the global fuel price increases.

“The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has amplified the already increasing global food and energy costs. Even before the tensions, food prices had been on the rise for the past year, but the world has seen large jumps in the cost of food over the last two months,” he explained.

According to Van Niekerk, the price of global wheat has increased by 93% over the last 12 months and 43% in the last month.

“This has led to an increased landed cost of raw wheat and all wheat-based products,” he added.

Van Niekerk meanwhile believes that the ripple effects of the Russia-Ukraine war are going to affect Africa more than the war itself, as hunger looms.

“The main problem is that we trade too much and produce too little,” he concluded.


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