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Local Maths boffins recognised at maiden Mathematics Olympiad 2021 awards ceremony

Local Maths boffins recognised at maiden Mathematics Olympiad 2021 awards ceremony

The top high school achievers from across the 14 regions were honoured at the first-ever Mathematics Olympiad 2021 Award ceremony held in Windhoek on Thursday.

The Namibia Mathematics Olympiad (NMO) presented learners with an opportunity to master their concepts and comprehend challenging questions, with minimum effort, the Ministry of Education and Culture Minister, Anna Nghipondoka said in a speech read on her behalf at the event at Safari Hotel.

“In recognizing the importance that Mathematics plays in fulfilling Vision 2030, from 2012, the ministry of education made mathematics a compulsory subject, for the development of science, technology and Commerce,” she added.

Nghipondoka said the ministry believes that mathematics skills and knowledge, concepts and processes enable learners to investigate, model and interpret numerical and spatial relationships and partners that exist in the world.

“The early grooming of our learners in mathematical problem solving through participation in Olympiads is essential to nurture such critical modelling skills,” she added.

The NMO was hosted by the National Commission on Research, Science and Technology in collaboration with the Namibia Ports Authority, the Petroleum Training and Education Fund, the Embassy of Italy in Pretoria, the London Mathematical Society, the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, the University of Namibia and the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

Speaking at the event, National Commission on Research, Science and Technology, CEO, Albertina Ngurare said in 2020/2021, the science commission developed a business case to leverage policy objectives through the introduction of the Namibia Mathematics Olympiad.

“Having approached various local and international stakeholders for sponsorship, the dream of a local Olympiad was finally realised through the invaluable support from Petrofund, Namport, the Embassy of Italy in Pretoria and the London Mathematical Society, enabling the participation of 98 schools and 2026 secondary learners countrywide,” she added.

According to Ngurare, it is their hope to expand the categories of future Maths olympiads to include the participation of primary school learners.

National Commission on Research, Science and Technology, General manager, Dr Nhlanhla Lupahla said this maiden event is set to pave way for future participation for Namibia in international Olympiads including the Pan African Mathematics Olympiad as well as the International Mathematical Olympiad.

The winning students meanwhile managed to walk away with certificates, scientific calculators, medals and prize monies among others.

The crème de la crème of the Mathematics Olympiad 2021 award ceremony that took place in Windhoek.


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