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Maerua Mall more dangerous than Katutura

As far as I’m concerned Maerua Mall is much more dangerous than any shopping centre in Katutura. Yes I said it and I can back that up. I went to watch a movie last week Wednesday for a film review, but Ster Kinekor messed up the schedule, so instead of watching the movie at 17h00 I had to wait until 19h45 to watch it. I did some window shopping for about an hour before I got bored and decided to sit on the benches outside whilst waiting for the movie to start. I had not even sat for more than 20 minutes when I heard a commotion behind me. Some teenage girl’s purse had just been grabbed. I did not understand this, in the middle of the mall with security guards standing at every corner and yet nobody saw the guy/s. After that I decided to go out of the mall, just to avoid the commotion and to get some fresh air. HUGE mistake! I never realised that there are a lot of homeless people at the mall and almost every one of them was intoxicated and asking for money to go buy food (alcohol). After ignoring them and minding my own business, I noticed this dude walking by me every five minutes. Stupid me, I just thought he was waiting for his lift. Then he sat down next to me, that’s when I started panicking and went back inside. My paranoia was actually justified because the same guy came running past me like he was Usain Bolt trying to make the 100 metre dash again. A woman and her daughter were chasing him but he was too fast for them. Just to find out he had grabbed her new phone, she was practically in tears. I re-iterate, where were the security guards?? Thank God I did not ignore my sixth sense like I normally do. I totally think it’s an inside job type of thing. How come when drama is about to happen there’s no security guard in sight? But when the commotion has ended they all appear at once. Majority of Windhoekers definitely disagree with me, but I have never felt so unsafe in a long while, and it was not as if I was alone in that mall. I should make sure that the next time I go and watch a movie I will go as early as possible, maybe I will be much safer and enjoy the movie more. I have never seen that many people getting robbed in a space of minutes nor have I seen it done like that in Katutura,(yes two people is to many.) I can even go to the shops in my hood to go and withdraw money at 22h00 and I will get home in one piece, with all my belongings that I left home with,  intact. Ster Kinnekor and Maerua Mall management should get their act together for incidences like this not to happen. Customers’ lives are put in danger because of incompetence, which should not be the case. I was smsing my family and friends to keep them updated on what was happening, my dad came to pick me up half an hour before the movie ended, he could sense that I was in a panic. Anywho, people please be safe at all times and come back fully intact, with a bit of weight gained from eating too much, this festive season.

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