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Namibia Eyes Hong Kong Meat Market

The Meat Board of Namibia will soon  release a report on a market exploration visit to Hong Kong concluded early last month. The visit included the Ministry of Trade and Industry and potential exporters.
The Meat Board facilitates the export of livestock, meat and processed meat products to importing countries and preliminary feedback showed optimism in opening up a new market for Namibia’s prime meat which is currently exported mostly to the EU. The Hong Kong visit was conducted in Hong Kong from 4 to 7 November.

The Namibian Veterinary Services is currently negotiating Sanitary and Phyto sanitary measures with Hong Kong Veterinary Services which are health and safety standards imposed on imports.
A report by the Meat Board on the visit is due early next year. Last year, local news reported the retail price of fresh beef in Hong Kong to be on the rise whilst Fresh Beef Traders Alliance in Hong Kong urged the government to open up the beef market to stabilise beef prices.
Strict veterinary checks are unlikely to hamper meat exports as Namibia has made significant  improvements. Namibian meat producers receive the Seal of Quality, a voluntary hygienic and quality certification programme developed by the Meat Board that ensures safe red meat and red meat products at participating abattoirs, butcheries and retail outlets.
Intensive veterinary checks also allowed for the first export of a 1,000 tonne consignment of Bone in Beef over 20 months to Zimbabwe from Northern Communal Areas (NCA) which fall under the cordon veterinary fence.

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