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‘Women Who Rock’ to celebrate Namibia’s Superwomen on Thursday

‘Women Who Rock’ to celebrate Namibia’s Superwomen on Thursday

Entrepreneurship Consultancy Dololo, in partnership with Startup Namibia, a GIZ project, is organizing the event “Women Who Rock” under the patronage of Daisry Mathias, Presidential Advisor on Youth Matters & Enterprise Development.

The Women Who Rock takes place on Thursday 10 March starting at 4.30 pm at The Village.

The organizers emphasized that it is NOT a women-only event and are welcoming all men that wish to participate and join the discussion.

Organizer Meike Neitz, Digital Ambassador at GIZ said, “We created this platform to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women in Namibia, as there are countless outstanding women in this country. The idea is also to learn from one another, to exchange ideas, experiences, talk about struggles and how to overcome them, to help all women reach their full potential.”

For that “Women Who Rocks” brings together female bosses, entrepreneurs and leaders together with those that are just starting… And who will become the next generation of Namibian entrepreneurs and change-makers!

“We all need to ask ourselves the question: how can we make sure our daughters grow up in a gender-equal world, with the same opportunities, pay and safety. Much has been achieved in terms of gender parity and equality which is worth celebrating, however, a lot more work is required to achieve equity. Our event seeks to address topics such as digital and financial literacy amongst women, domestic violence, how gender equality can be achieved and how more female-led businesses can be founded,” Neitz added.

The speakers include Justice Minister Hon. Yvonne Dausab, Stacey Pinto, CEO of Namibia Trade Forum, Nicole Maske, Managing Director of EOS Capital, Prof. Anicia Peters, Chairperson of the 4IR Taskforce, Marita Walther, Co-Founder & Managing Director of EBIKES4AFRICA, Kauna Ndlilula, Managing Director of BFS, Lisa Matomola, Founder of HITO HR, Chantal Claassen, COO of Dololo and Vivienne Katjiuongua, CEO of BIPA.

All speakers agree: Especially after two years of hardship due to the pandemic, it is now more important than ever to unlock the potential of women. The economic success of women and girls has a ripple effect that helps the whole economy to recover. Namibia has to ensure an environment that supports women to succeed economically, gain equitable access to health services and prevent and respond to gender-based violence, and elevate women towards meaningful participation in all areas of life.

Daisry Mathias, Presidential Advisor, who will deliver opening remarks at the event, said, “Achieving our collective national vision of inclusive growth and shared prosperity, requires us to remove barriers and provide the necessary support for Namibia’s demographic majority, the women, to progress academically, socially, economically and politically. We all have a role to play in ensuring a more gender-balanced world. Events like these where women come together to share their lived experiences including personal failures and triumphs, are so important to help think through solutions that can improve the situation for us all and the next generation. Empowering women and girls is an investment that has a triple dividend, for the society of today, the children of tomorrow and the next generation of women.”


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