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#Breakthebias not only boardroom level but from grassroot level

#Breakthebias not only boardroom level but from grassroot level

By Alexanderie Basson
AbinBev Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager.

As the world celebrated International Women’s Day under the theme #breakthebias in 2022, what do these words mean to women and men alike? What is this narrative after March 8th? Since its first inaugural celebration in 1911, International Women’s Day has always highlighted and recognized women that achieve in their various spheres in life.

This celebration continuously brings to light issues including gender discrimination that still exists today.

According to NDTV Education, the event celebrates women’s achievements and raises awareness about women’s equality and lobbies for accelerated gender parity. In most organizations, there has been a common trend to bring more women to the table when it comes to decision making. Be that as it may, there is more work to be done to forge diversity and inclusivity within our society.

May we today not only focus on empowering our women at the boardroom level but from the grassroots level. This is exactly what we boast at AB InBev Namibia. We are proud to announce that 58% of our senior leadership team comprises women, which is the highest amongst AB InBev Africa. Further to that, we have a growing female staff complement in our brewery in Okahandja where approximately 30% of our female colleagues form part of technical teams with various qualifications in science and engineering ensuring that the same trusted quality product is delivered to our market and surrounding areas. Another bonus is that the Plant Manager is also a woman.

There is more work to be done to bridge the gender gap within the brewing industry and may the narrative after International Women’s Day be to continue challenging bias and fostering environments within our industry that allow women to thrive. It is a pity that qualified and trained female scientists quite often resort to job demand opportunities and not the field of their expertise.

In conclusion, it is so fitting with this years’ theme to break the bias in terms of stereotypical notions on who works in certain industry roles. May we continue empowering the girl child to pursue her career in male-dominated industries and continue studying in a field of few interests.


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