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Public and private sectors need to work together to rebuild economy – Murorua

Public and private sectors need to work together to rebuild economy – Murorua

“We cannot discount the challenges posed by the pandemic, which remain an immediate and real threat to our future. There can be no doubt that we must continue to face these challenges together, and therefore we need to take strong and decisive action. Government has a complex assignment. You preside over the country’s finances, but, in a way, you are also the head of the house who sets the pace of our development. However, the private sector has a principal duty to work alongside government, for us to accomplish our common goal of rebuilding our economy,” said the new Nedbank Managing Director, Martha Murorua when she addressed the bank’s budget review panel.

Nedbank Namibia on Monday hosted their national budget review at the new Nedbank Campus in Windhoek, where Murorua highlighted that the public and private sectors need to work together to rebuild the economy.

Attending the review were the Speaker of the National Assembly, Professor Peter Katjavivi, the Minister of Finance, Ipumbu Shiimi, who also gave the keynote address, and the Governor of the Bank of Namibia, Johannes !Gawaxab.

In his address, Shiimi echoed his sentiments in his National Budget speech which was themed, “Reimaging, a Better Future for the Youth,” highlighting pertinent issues around the current economic climate. He further indicated that, with the situation the country is facing, there is a need to develop industries that will increase the workforce, as creating jobs helps stimulate the economy.

The review included a panel discussion to unpack more of the new budget. This was moderated by Presidential Economic Advisor, James Mnyupe  and included Minister Shiimi, Senior Portfolio Manager at 91 Asset Management, Malcolm Husselmann, partner at PWC Johan Nel as well as Nedbank CIB Executive, Tjivingurura Mbuende.

From left: Presidential Economic Advisor, James Mnyupe, Speaker of the National Assembly of Namibia, Peter Katjavivi, Nedbank Namibia Managing Director, Martha Murorua, Governor of the Bank of Namibia, Johannes !Gawaxab, and Minister of Finance, Ipumbu Shiimi, at the Nedbank Budget Review Event.


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