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Travel safe in Omaheke

Deputy Commissioner Maritshane of the Omaheke Region Namibian Police, has cautioned drivers not to violate road rules during this festive season. He warned they will leave no stone unturned to get justice done. “Omaheke NamPol has put up one road block between Gobabis and Witvlei, said   the Deputy Commissioner.

He emphasised that the road block is mainly to talk to drivers and passengers, to look for stolen goods, to control unroadworthy vehicles and to minimise drunken driving. He stated that they do not specifically have a road campaign for this year. They usually get the campaign from the Roads Authority but this year they did not receive it.
The Community Affairs officer Mrs Fina Sakkajengenga also confirmed that they have not received a road safety campaign, but they are trying their best to inform drivers to keep safe at all times and obey the traffic rules.
There where 27 road accidents this December, one slight injury, four serious injuries and no deaths. Eleven of the accidents where caused by animals and the rest by drunken drivers, speeding and vehicles that are not road worthy.
Deputy Commissioner Maritshane pleaded with drivers not to speed.
“The public must drive with care and for those who are drinking they should have a driver who does not drink.”

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