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Turipamwe launches new design thinking service for innovation

Design agency, Turipamwe launched Co-Create a new service offering design thinking consultation for business acceleration, facilitation for design sprints and workshops, and training in design thinking for organisations and teams.

Design thinking is a process for innovating business and societal problems, products, and services routinely. The interactive methodology allows teams to ideate new solutions for business challenges by using a clear process in combination of tools such as business canvases, digital tools, and play to promote divergent thinking.

Tanya Stroh, founder and principal designer of Turipamwe said the outcome of their Co-Create sessions is a conclusive one-page strategy ready for immediate implementation, all based on the participants’ insights and current business resources.

According to Stroh, Co-Create workshops are tailored to specific needs, which are identified before the workshop. The client experience includes a free consultation to determine exact goals, a customised, lively co-creation workshop together with the client company team in person or digitally, resulting in a conclusive one-page strategy, ready for immediate implementation, based on workshop insights.

“We believe in the power of collective intelligence and design as a driver for innovation in Namibia and Africa at large. We’ve validated this methodology in building our own company. Sharing this way of thinking and working has a transformational impact on both business and culture of innovation,” Stroh added.

 Co-create responds to a major gap in the market where design innovation is concerned. (Willem Vrey).


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