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Go on! Take a piece of the Kalahari Desert

The San people showing guests how they hunt on a Bushman walk. (photograph by Melba Chipepo)

The San people showing guests how they hunt on a Bushman walk. (photograph by Melba Chipepo)

Suricate Kalahari Tented lodge has been a staple of tented lodges in Namibia, since the construction of the first tented lodges in the country. The stunning, high quality tented lodge in the Kalahari Desert is situated on a red sand dune, overlooking a pan system that forms part of the upper Auob wetlands.

This beautiful tented lodge in the Kalahari Desert, comprises 12 luxurious walk-in-style tents. One can sleep in a tent, without leaving any luxury behind as each tent offers a private deck and an intimate bathroom with hot and cold running water, flush toilet and shower.
When you first step out of your room you immediately step into another world of bare land and begin to wonder if there could be anything remotely resembling life in this stark land? Then after looking further into the field you will see that there is indeed animal life and you are immediately reassured that you are experiencing the best of what Namibia and Africa has to offer.
The lodge’s reception area which also serves as a dining room and lounge has got a modern design that is keeping up with the current trends but still has that African feel to it. Woven chandeliers, meerkat statues, wall paintings of meerkats or the suricate which the lodge is named after and logs that add that earthy feel to the place. The floors are made of brown pieces of rock that act as tiles fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. After years of rustic traditions, the tented lodges have gotten a modernist upgrade to keep up with the new breed of traveller.
Spending time at the Suricate Kalahari Lodge is all about experiencing the spectacular open and beautiful scenery. Imagine being on a 10 000 ha wildlife sanctuary knowing that you are experiencing nature’s tranquillity and can spot zebras, oryx (Namibia’s national animal), springboks, and lions and you are surrounded by red sand dunes which are covered by unique vegetation.
Guests can explore the Kalahari Desert in open 4×4 vehicles, take guided walks with Bushmen trackers and trained guides, relax around the pool or in the refined lounge overlooking the waterhole.
They can go on a Bushmen walk, where they are shown all the survival secrets and the history of the San People.
The clear air and lack of light from any civilization also make for spectacular night time skies and stargazing. Go and experience all the romance, all the adventure of the early safari expeditions but with style and be part of something magical at the Suricate Kalahari Tented Lodge.

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