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City of Windhoek warns residents of wasting water at communal taps

City of Windhoek warns residents of wasting water at communal taps

The City of Windhoek noticed that residents are abusing and wasting the free water supplied to them in informal settlements.

Due to the continual abuse of the communal taps. the municipality has since deployed public participation team, supported by the Community Development Committee (CDC) member to go out in Windhoek’s Moses Garoeb and Samora Marchel Constituencies to educate residents on how to use water wisely.

Fillemon Tshiweda a CDC Member at the meetings said that water is being wasted, especially in the informal settlements and they need to change this behaviour in the community.

“Do not allow children to collect water because they tend to wastewater, do not do laundry or take baths at communal taps and do not wash cars at communal taps,” the CDC members advised residents on how to save water at communal taps.

The municipality said the meeting is an important intervention to instil a better understanding of the importance of saving water and residents can report any damage and misuse of communal water taps to 061 290 3777 or illegal use of water to 061 302 302 or SMS to 4444

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