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Meatco allocated 1200 tonnes for 2022 Norwegian quota

Meatco allocated 1200 tonnes for 2022 Norwegian quota

Meatco extended an appeal to red meat producers for top quality slaughter oxen for the small but lucrative export quota for Norway, and for the budding Chinese market.

The meat exporter’s Executive: Marketing & Compliance, Dr Adrianatus Maseke said it is critical to be consistent in the supply to the Norwegian market, particularly in the first semester.

A quota of 1200 tonnes of the full 1600 tonne Norwegian quota, for 2022 was allocated to Meatco earlier this year by the Ministry of Industrialisation and Trade. The quota is a bilateral development agreement between Namibia and Norway and must be utilised to develop the local livestock industry which is why the Meatco Foundation is involved in various projects in collaboration with Norway to establish infrastructure that supports the further development of the industry, particularly by including farmers that were previously excluded from export markets.

“It is therefore imperative that we receive good quality cattle because quality is important to the Norwegians. Due to Norway being our best paying client currently, the quota generates foreign revenue for the country and adds significant value to the profitability of producers, allowing us to offer a competitive price,” Maseke stated.

With that said, we implore our producers to supply us with good quality cattle that are 40- and 60-day compliant for the Chinese market as well. This is to ensure that approximately 90% of the carcasses delivered is eligible for export and derive maximum returns,” he said.


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