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First demo green hydrogen production plant launched

First demo green hydrogen production plant launched

The first demonstration green hydrogen plant for hydrogen applications was launched by local private company, Ohlthaver &List (O&L) Group and Belgium’s CMB. TECH on Tuesday at an event in Windhoek.

Speaking at the launch O&L Group executive chairman, Sven Thieme said the US18 million plant will be built in the Erongo region with construction set to commence during 2022 to be operational by end of 2023.

“Namibia is a growing hub when it comes to the generation of renewable energy. We have the potential to be at the forefront of green hydrogen development and progress to greater energy independence,” he said at the launch.

According to Thieme, the joint venture with the Belgian company established Cleanergy Namibia, a company designed to explore green hydrogen generation through the country’s first hydrogen demonstration plant.

Speaking on the same occasion via zoom CMB. TECH CEO, Alexander Saverys said CMB. TECH is delighted by the joint venture.

“Namibia has the potential to produce green molecules (such as hydrogen and ammonia) on a large scale and at a low cost. Green and affordable molecules are an essential part of the energy transition. With our announcement today, we hope to demonstrate that words can be turned into actions when it comes to green hydrogen projects,” he said.

According to Saverys, Cleanergy Namibia’s ambitions go beyond the initial production and demonstration plant.

“Building on the expertise that will be acquired during the construction of the hydrogen plant, Cleanergy will simultaneously develop a much larger green hydrogen and ammonia factory in Namibia. By starting the hydrogen production plant already in 2022, Cleanergy Namibia wants to demonstrate that green hydrogen projects are already a reality today,” he added.

Speaking at the launch, Presidential Economic Advisor and Green Hydrogen Commissioner, James Mnyupe said, “we are here to celebrate the foresight of two entrepreneurs who have seen the vision the state has for what it is – a real opportunity to change the face of the Namibian economy and for that, I am very pleased to applaud them.”

Meanwhile, Namibia’s development of a green and blue economy, as well as a green hydrogen industry, were cornerstones included in the country’s President’s Second Harambee Prosperity Plan.


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